What rice is better for you, brown or white?

In this article, we are talking about a controversial issue and we are discussing which rice is better: Brown rice or white rice? We hear about this issue all the time, are Grains good for you? Some say that Grains are very useful towards a healthy diet while others will say that Grains are horrible and will destroy what you have worked for. Let’s find some common ground.

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Before we begin, I would like to briefly describe the research undertaken by the Department of Nutrition of Harvard University. They gave two different groups white rice and brown rice to eat over a period of a month. Literally, in this month’s period, they found out that people who consumed white rice had double the risk of developing Diabetes.  Of course, this is not the good organic rice but, instead it is the refined, processed rice.

So, I would like to explain the pros and cons of the brown rice and white rice.

Cons of rice white and brown

#1 You do not absorb the minerals

Rice contains fatty acids which gives rice its structure, its density. Unfortunately, fatty acids make it difficult for you to absorb the minerals and nutrients that exist in the rice. So, by eating white rice you are not really extracting the mineral and benefits out this rice.

#2 Bad digestion

Rice is not easy to digest as it is somewhat hard for the body to break it down.

Pros of rice white and brown

#1 Good source of minerals

White rice is an excellent source of minerals, of glucose which means that we have brilliant source of energy.

#2 It hels with good function of Theroid

Brown rice also has Selenium which is magnificent for the function for Thyroid. If the Thyroid is healthy then the metabolism is very good. Also, brown rice has high levels of GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) which is a neurotransmitter and allows you to be more relaxed.GABA calms you down and helps you get in to this pattern of sleep. So, we all know that when we are well-rested we have more energy and we burn more fat. In conjunction with having Selenium, this makes our Thyroid function better which means that we sleep better and we have better metabolism.  

Which rice, white or brown, is better for you?

So, which rice should you consume? I will start by saying “neither of the two”. The reason is that there is one existing form of rice, just the way that is prepared that is ultimately the best and that is sprouted rice. So, forget whether you love or despise grains, I am going to show you a way that makes it neutral for everybody: simply sprouting them.    

If you sprout your rice, sprout your grains, soak them in the water for 12 hours or 24 hours. This sprouting process, releases more minerals, more nutrients, it makes them more bioavailable. Additionally, simply soaking the Grains breaks down that fatty acid which allows you to absorb these minerals that much better and this goes for both white rice and brown rice.

Therefore, this is a general rule to follow when you are choosing rice. If you want a quicker-absorbing, easier to digest rice go for organic Sprouted white rice like basmati or jasmine. When you need a more sustained blood sugar throughout the day, something that will digest slower and keep you fuller then, opt for the brown rice and more specifically for the Jasmine brown rice. Soak it for 12 or 24 hours and in that way you get your minerals out of it, you get your energy without causing havoc in your digestive system and inflammation that will slow you down.  

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