How Squats benefit your body and your health

In this article, we are exploring the major benefits of squats as a excellent resistance training workout. Squats and Deadlifts share a very similar movement pattern and the of course the specific benefits will be very similar in both cases. Let’s go through the list with the advantages and profits your body and your health in general take from performing Squats.

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#1 Simultaneous activation of many major muscle groups

The Quads are going to be the primary muscle group targeted , but Squats target a variety of main muscle groups simultaneously including your Glutes, your Hamstrings, your Spinal Erectors, your Obliques and your Calves with very good results, as well.

#2 Squats is a highly functional lift

Squats is a very basic human pattern that we all tend to perform in our daily lives. The functional strength that you develop from consistent Squatting allows you to move more efficiently not just in the gym but in many real-world activities as well.

#3 Squats improve athletic performance

 Adding more weight to the bar over-time is a key way to enhance your overall athletic performance because it allows you to increase your strength at your hip extension.

Such a strength help you lift your body from the ground more forcefully and refine and enhance both your vertical jump and your sprinting power.

Squats boost your skill to produce strength but they upgrade your skill to absorb it, as well. As a result, you will be in a position to jump higher and you will have less chances of injury as you go down, as well.

#4 Squats reduce your chances of injury

It is true that most of the injuries in the gym and sports occur because the tissues that connect the ligaments and the muscle that stabilize are not strong enough.

Squats toughen and reinforce all of these small structures which ultimately give you a more robust group of muscles which is less vulnerable to injuries.

#5 Squats increase your overall flexibility

Squats increase the range of motion of your entire hip complex which in turn further reduces your chances of injury and improves your performance both in and out of the gym.

#6 Squats develop greater core strength

During the entire range of motion during a Squat exercise, the muscles of your main body have to perform at their highest level in order to keep your body at a standing position and to give extra help to your lower back. This increases your general core strength which:

  1. Gives you better performance and strength of other compound exercises
  2. Shields your muscle on your lower back from injuries,
  3. Stimulates muscle hypertrophy in your oblique and abdominals area as well.

So, unless there is a very specific reason why you cannot perform Squats such as an injury, this exercise should definitely be included as part of your overall weekly training schedule. You are going to pack significant size and strength on to your entire lower body particularly you Quads, your Glutes and Hamstrings. Squats are going to improve your functional strength, improve athletic performance, reduce the chance of injury, improve flexibility and enhance your core strength all at the same time.

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