Eat What? Your Quick Access Diet Food Guide App

Are you looking for a great shopping list application for your phone?  Are you trying to do the right thing, and possibly eat a little better?  Do you need to manage your food a little bit?  Well hopefully you answered yes to one of these questions; otherwise you must really be bored.

Well if you did answer yes to any of those questions then let’s take a look at a little app called “Eat What?”. Not that I’m fat or anything…  But I was curious.  Men in my family have a history of strokes and weight gain later in life so I try and keep on top of that.  Now, don’t get this wrong.  “Eat What?”  is not a dietary aid, weight loss program or a nutritional coach.  It’s not going to push you to eat less or more or track your exercises.  It’s nothing more then a simple food guide telling you what’s good and what isn’t. This after all is what big commercial weight loss programs (i.e Weight Watchers, Medifast, Atkins, etc) try to teach you; what is good to put in your plate and what is not. It’s really that simple.

So lets get started!

Let’s start with the aesthetics of the app.  Again it’s simple.  There are three tabs at the bottom and the rest is screen space for information.  It has a slight bit of color but not enough to make it annoying.  The information is clean cut and easy to read.  They use high contrasting colors for backgrounds and words. Also information isn’t cluttered together.  Everything still looked nice on small and large screens alike, a current issue with some apps on the hardware/software fragmented platform. 

Also, operation of the app is nice and simplistic.  The majority of the time you will be searching for foods, and then using your search criteria to make a shopping list.  Very simple.  Backing out or multitasking with the app on Android showed no problems on any platforms as well.  I used a variety of devices from different manufacturers and had no issues.  I saw no force closes or freezes with stock android, HTC Sense, Touchwiz, Timescape, or any of the other big manufacturers UIs. 

So let’s take a look at the app.  It is very simplistic in nature.  Again, simple is a theme here with this app.  When I first started “Eat What?” the app presented me with one question and five possible choices.  You can select one or all of the answers that fit you best.  Your search results will depend on these answers.  So don’t lie.  The app wants to know what you’re interested in.  I did test the search results based on different selections and they do change slightly.

The meat and potatoes

After spending your hard earned time answering that one question and setting up your profile so to speak, you will move on to the meat and potatoes of the app.  Coincidentally, meat and potatoes aren’t the best food for you anyway so I guess that’s a bad analogy.  So, moving on, we push the search button on the screen and you’re greeted with a simple search box.  Very googlesque with its minimalistic nature.  What impressed me was the thoroughness of the searches and the fact that you could look up regular food or restaurants.    If you plan a trip to TGI Fridays and want to know the healthiest thing on their menu, then there is a search for that.  Seriously though, the app does a fantastic job with its search functions.  I decided to do a search for eggs because I like eggs.  They are yummy.  And so is bacon.

After performing a search you’ll have your laundry list of results.  Warning though, “eggs” query brings back a lot of results.  835 to be exact.  In the top corner of your search results you’ll have an overall score on a green to red bar letting you know how bad your choices were for today.  Green stands for good, red for bad, obviously.  When you make your selection you’re greeted with the fine details for that product.  Again, you have your green to red bar.  But this time you’re also introduced to the smiley face.  Think of it like Clippy, but for android.  The smiley face will change his facial expressions depending on the quality of the food.  It’s pretty self explanatory.  When he’s smiley and clapping you’ve done good and frowning means you’ve done badly.  So making the snickers selection isn’t going to award you any encouragement.  You can also view a picture of your choice, the nutritional facts of the food, and the option to add it to your grocery list.

Speaking of your grocery list, the middle tab does that.  It’s the simplest list in the world.  Any food you search for and select will show up here.  If you’re done with that item you can place a check mark next to it showing you’ve already picked it up.  When you’re done with your list, just delete it and start over.


I can’t really stress how simple this app for it.  In fact, I’d go so far to say that it’s so simple Apple must have helped design it.  But really, the app is simple.  Outright simple.  Now that I’ve drilled that point in your head, this app is only a nutritional encyclopedia.  It’s not a weight lose guide or coach.  The app is a simple grocery list that helps you select which food is the healthiest.  Would I recommend this app?  For a health aware grocery list, yes.  For a weight loss guide, no.   

iPhone users can get this app from iTunes.

Android users check Google Play.

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