4 Places to Avoid if You Are Feeling Emotionally Drained

We all have periods in our lives when we’re not feeling up to par. Life’s twists and turns leave you feeling sad or discouraged and you lack the luster you once had for the activities that used to bring you joy. Sometimes you just have to work through the feelings, but certain places are better than others when it comes to getting back to yourself and feeling good once again.

What are some of the places you should avoid spending a lot of time in when you’re emotionally drained?

The Kitchen

If you’re an emotional eater, the kitchen is the worst place you can possibly go for solace from a life that isn’t living up to your expectations. While it may seem like the food soothes you, it’s only a temporary fix that brings about more problems than solutions. Not only do you have the guilt and shame that follow a feeling-related food binge, but you also have the health problems that you’re likely to create due to unhealthy eating habits which lead to being overweight and at greater risk of life threatening diseases.

The Computer Room

Living in the information age where the world is right at your fingertips via the internet is great when you’re working on a project or need some valuable answers to your questions. However, if you spend a lot of time on social media sites, not only can it foster your loneliness but it also takes up time that you could be using to get further ahead in your life instead of sliding even further downhill.

In Front of the Television

A lot of people like to relax and release their mind by watching television. While a half hour sitcom may do the trick, if you’re spending hours a day watching reality shows instead of actually engaging in reality, then you’re not really living. You’re simply existing. And, your negative feelings aren’t getting dealt with in a way that will help them go away any time soon.

Lying In Bed

When you feel down on life, it’s tempting to want to spend a lot of time sleeping. After all, when you’re lost in dream land you don’t have to face whatever it is that has you feeling deflated and lost. But, staying inactive isn’t going to help you pull yourself out of the funk that you’re in. In fact, it will just delay it and make it linger much longer than it should.

So, Where Can You Go?

Wow! So, if you should avoid the kitchen, living room, bedroom and office, that really doesn’t leave many places to go for peace and comfort, right? Wrong!

There are two places that you can spend your time which can make you feel better almost instantly. They are the great outdoors and the gym. Whether you’re spending time in nature, walking a path laden with small critters and beautiful flowers or you’re working your stress and aggression out on the equipment at the gym, you’re actually taking steps to make your life better.

You’re pushing past the negative feelings and getting your body to release hormones that make you feel happier and more content almost instantly. Plus, you give your mind a break from your problems while you’re engaged in your surroundings and/or your workout which helps you overcome whatever it is that is plaguing you at the moment. It lets you relax and focus on something else for a short period of time.

When you’re doing something that eliminates negative feelings and promotes positive ones, you’ll notice your energy level start to rise. You’ll begin to work your way out of whatever has you down and be one step closer to feeling great and ready to enjoy life again.

Don’t let life continue to take you downhill. Put on the brakes and turn things around. You deserve it.

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